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The official opening of The EU Information Service Centre took place on the 7th June in the Baltic International Academy.
Among those who attended the event were the Member of the Board of BIA Stanislavs Buka, the Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary in Latvia Gabor Dobokay, the Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Latvia Iveta Sulca as well as the representatives of ministries, information service centres and higher educational institutions in Latvia.

Stanislavs Buka congratulated all the present guests on the opening of the EU Information Service Centre.
He mentioned that the students of BIA will have an opportunity to receive more information on the projects and youth programmes that are implemented in Latvia with the association of European Union.

Mr. Gabor Dobokay in his speech emhasised that the main objectives of the EU Information Service Centre include the dissemination of information on European Union, its history, institutions and bodies, policies as well as the most successful projects put into action by EU member states. The Head of the EU Information Service Centre Andra Mite said, “It is very important that not only the students and the professors of Baltic International Academy but all the people interested in EU will have an access to such information resources on EU as publications, brochures, books and CDs.”

At the end of the event Andra Mite awarded the winners of the contest The EU Information Service Centre of the International Academy.
The students of BIA Inga Gailite and Denis Suxin along with their group adviser won the first prize. The Students Rihard Kruchin and Georg Rachkovskis took the second prize.

The volunteers Olga Dmitrieva , Yelena Krohmalnaya, Violeta Mikolanec who helped in organising the EU Garden Festival 2011 (Darza Svetki 2011) were also awarded.
The Information Centre will inform its visitors about the programmes implemented by EU as well as the history and the culture of the EU member states.
The Centre will arrange conferences, lectures, discussions and meetings both for students and those who learn at school.

The ECL Certificate is a document of the European Union confirming a foreign language level of proficiency. It is recognized in all countries of the European Union that is necessary for work and study abroad, in particular, for study under the ERASMUS programme. Students are necessarily to obtain the certificate confirming the level B1 in case if they intend to participate within the framework of ERASMUS programme.

Any volunteer may apply for testing at the BIA Foreign Language and ECL Certification Centre in the foreign languages as follows:

COMPASS FOR LIVING IN LATVIA for Students - Third-country nationals

Tution fees for non-EU citizens.


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