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External regulatory documents

Law on Institutions of Higher Education
Law on Education
Law on Scientific Activities
Regulations on the national standard for academic education
Regulations on the national standard of the first level professional higher education
Regulations on the national standard of the second level professional higher education
Regulations on the opening and accreditation of study directions
Accreditation rules for universities and colleges
Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European higher education area (ESG)
Guidelines for development of the study direction self-assessment report

Internal regulatory documents

Constitution of the Baltic International Academy
Baltic International Academy long-term strategy of activities and development for 2016-2020
Organizational chart of the Baltic International Academy
Code of academic honesty and ethics
Regulation on the constitutional assembly
Regulations on the Academic arbitration court
Regfulations on the Senate
Regulations of scientific activities "of the limited liability company Baltic International Academy
Student Parliament By-Laws

Admission procedure

Internal regulatory documents regulating the study process

2019/2020 yearbook of studies and events
Regulations on the studies of the Baltic International Academy
Regulations on the doctoral studies of the Baltic International Academy
Regulations for the development, approval and amendment of the study programmes of the Baltic International Academy
The Baltic International Academy regulations for the assessment of study results
Regulations on the practice of the Baltic International Academy
Regulation on the preparation and defense of diploma works at the Baltic International Academy

Number of the BIA Board Scholarships in the programmes (In Riga and branches)


Regulation on the headmen of academic groups of the Baltic International Academy
Information on the amount of tuition fees at the BIA

Internal regulatory documents governing the work process

Regulations on the academic positions of the Baltic International Academy
Regulations on the BIA Board of professors and elections of professors and associate professors of the Baltic International Academy
Regulations on the remuneration

Quality Management

BIA Study quality assurance system
Quality policy
Privacy Policy
Academic staff policy
Internationalization policy

Councils, collegial bodies

Regulations on the Scientific Council of the Baltic International Academy
Regulations on the Board of professors of the Baltic International Academy
Regulations on the Doctoral council of the Baltic International Academy
Regulations on the Study methodological council
Regulations on the Council of study directions
Regulations on the Distance education of the Baltic International Academy
Regulations of the Daugavpils branch of the BIA
Regulations of the Liepaja branch of the BIA

Baltic International Academy

25 years of leadership in higher education! over 13,000 of graduates working now worldwide!

The Baltic International Academy (up to 2006 it was called Baltic Russian Institute) is the largest non-government higher education establishment in the Baltic States and Eastern European countries (it was established in 1992) amounting 4,500 students, including 450 foreign students from 22 countries worldwide, that makes multicultural environment in Academy, where teach 200 lecturers, of which 100 are doctors of Science and professors.

Reorganisation takes place during process of education in Baltic International Academy, which provides academic and professional higher education in accordance with the requirements of the European Union in Latvian economy fields. BIA acquired international expert evaluation and gained no-term accreditation.

Baltic International Academy has filial branch not only in Riga but also in other Latvian areas (Daugavpils, Liepaja, Rezekne, Jekabpils, Ventspils, Smiltene, Jelgava) The Academy during education process as well as during conferences and seminars uses videobridge conference, which connects BIA in Riga with its regional filial branches. The Academy regularly organizes international student summer schools, art exhibitions, scientific seminars, conferences, round table discussions, where actively interact students from the Academy and other institutions of higher education, lecturers and foreign lecturers, employers as well as experts.

BIA offers study programmes of 1 and 2nd level of higher professional education (duration of programme- 2-2,5 and 4-4,5 years), academic and professional bachelor education programme (duration of programme 3-4,5), as well as academic and professional Master degree and Doctorate programmes.

Studies at the BIA have been realizing multilingually under the programme “Eurolingua”
The Russian taught groups – 75% - in Russian + in Latvian and English
The English taught groups – 75% - in English + in Russian and Latvian

Students can study English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Latvian and Russian as foreign languages.

The BIA preparatory courses` centre
  • Preparatory Courses (February, October)
  • Summer Preparatory Courses (June, August)
The BIA participates in european programmes and projects:
  • Exchange students` programme “ERASMUS” giving the opportunity for the students to participate in the exchange programmes with partner European universities starting from the 2nd study year.
  • The programme «TEMPUS» gives the opportunity to participate in different European projects jointly with higher educational establishments of the countries – non-members of the EU.
  • European Training Foundation, ETF – the students are enabled to do an internship within the grants.
  • Within the European Social Fund the students do an internship in the Latvian companies and organizations.
The BIA is a member of the organizations as follows:
  • EAIE – European Association for International Education;
  • International Higher Education Academy of Sciences;
  • Employers’ Confederation of Latvia;
  • Latvian Designers’ Society;
  • LCCI - Latvian Chamber of Commerce;
  • IAU- International Association of Universities.
At students` disposal at BIA
  • The laboratory on investigation of small and medium business
  • The Multidisciplinary Research Centre
  • The Students' Self-government
  • The Students' Advertising and PR Agency
  • The Art Gallery «BIART»
  • The Ceramics Studio
  • The Drawing Studio
  • The KVN teams in Riga end Liepaya
  • The Sport teams: football, basketball, boxing, free-style wrestling
  • Show-ballet “Natalie”
Discounts for students:
  • The programme „The BIA Family” (discounts for family members from 10%-25%);
  • 40 % - discount for A-students;
  • Discounts for all students-sportsmen and participants in the BIA social and cultural life;
  • Reduced tuition fee for disabled students and orphans (10% – 50%);
  • an opportunity to get state loans, student loans as well as bank loans;
  • discounts for graduates from the BIA Preparatory Courses;

Admission Committee:
Lomonosova street 4, Riga, Latvia, LV-1003
phone: (+371) 67100610

The BIA branch establishments:
Daugavpils, Dzelzcelu street 3, LV-5403, phone: 6 5444236
Rezekne, Darzu street 21/17, LV-4600, phone: 64624696
Yekabpils, Jauna street 44, LV-5201, phone: 65233030
Yelgava, Yelgava destrict, Ozolnieki, Skolas street 4B, LV-3018, phone: 63050533
Liepaya, Liedaga street 3, LV-3416, phone: 63425448
Ventspils, Targales street 5, LV-3602, phone: 63624505
Smiltene, Darza street 17, LV-4729, phone: 64772851


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